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Collisions Under Realm Review

Collisions Under Realm Album Cover










Jib Machine artist Dennis Baker recently had his debut album, Collisions Under Realm, reviewed by Buzz Kompler of the Lakewood Observer.  You can read the full review below or via Kompler’s column, You Know What’s Funnier Than 24? Neither Do I: Reviews of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 31


Dennis Baker – Collisions Under Realm – Jib Machine Records/13 Recordings – 10 songs – CD, download

I know nothing about Dennis Baker, but a search on why the label sounded familiar revealed that it’s the home of such notables as Guitarman and Hostile Omish. That’s all I have to say about that. Most of the songs here are of a variety of acoustic pop rock that really isn’t my cup of tea. Especially when it starts sounding Mellencampian (“Lizard Face” especially). However, the best moments are when the songs are pushed over the edge into weirdness, especially on “Coldy Crawls” and “Magic Table Mind.” Those ones are definitely the most enjoyable, though even then I can’t tell whether there’s any humor to them. It’s sort of like comparing Factorymen to Robert Bensick– is this a joke, or is this all some sort of weird metaphor? I also can’t place exactly who this style is intended to appeal to. Again, not my bag, but there’s some interesting enough stuff on here and I know there’s some people who would really like this. Just not me. 3/5