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The Drug Fux

The Drug Fux formed in 1995 in Dayton, Ohio, where they began writing short, pop-punk songs and recording them on a shitty boom box in numerous basements and attics. Comfortable in creative obscurity, they remained unknown for decades until a “real-job” brought them to Cleveland and Jib Machine Records discovered the band. Today, with an updated sound and some bad ass new members, The Drug Fux proudly continue to write, record, and party hard as part of the amazing Cleveland music scene.

Also available for purchase is Suicide Cocktail, the DF’s debut album released via 13 Recordings.


The Drug Fux
CD: $5
"We Will Get You (cassette)"

The Drug Fux
Download: $1.99 | CD: $2.99
"Irish Car Bomb e.p."