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Slowhand Jack

Jack Band Photo2 w Regi
"Slowhand" Jack Labgold
(September 13, 1952 - May 29, 2015)
...Jack was a recording artist with local Cleveland label Jib Machine Records, releasing six albums from 2010 - 2013. He also starred in the short movie The Prophet of Lake Erie and appeared in many other promotional videos. He often spoke of his long age friendship with Mick Jagger and would often regale his friends with his rock and roll exploits. Also well known in the Lakewood community as "Slowhand" he leaves behind many friends...
The above excerpt is a portion of Jack's obituary and it pretty much sums up the impact he left on the Jib Machine family and Cleveland music scene in general.  Although Jack is now gone, he fortunately left a treasure trove of music behind for all to enjoy.  Pick up some for yourself and keep the legend alive!  



"Slowhand" Jack Labgold
Download: $4.99 | CD: $5.99
"Sex Machine"

"Slowhand" Jack Labgold
Download: $1.99 | CD: $2.99
"The Prophet of Lake Erie e.p."

"Slowhand" Jack Labgold
Download: $3.99 | CD: $4.99
"Naked Ambition"

"Slowhand" Jack Labgold
Download: $6.99 | CD: $6.99
"Anthology Volume One"

"Slowhand" Jack Labgold
Download: $5.99 | CD: $5.99
"Anthology Volume Two"

Various Artists
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"“Slowhand” Jack Labgold – Tribute to a Legend"