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Mike Onesko









At the ripe old age of 17, Mike Onesko left his native Fairview Park, Ohio for the greener pastures of San Francisco with just $60 and his guitar. He hitchhiked his way across country until he arrived in S.F. Once there, he formed the power trio Sundog and began exploring his musical journey playing long jams and heavy Sabbath-esque riffs.

After short stints in Sledge, Diamond Fire and Main Drive, Mike formed Steelwind, a five-piece outfit with keyboards that featured John Warmouth on drums. This band headlined at Kezar Stadium just three years after Led Zeppelin!

Following Steelwind, Mike joined The Kwik who opened for many acts including Robin Trower, Montrose, Nazreth, Great White, Mitch Ryder and Clarence Clemons. Around this time, Shrapnel Records President Mike Varney discovered Mike in the clubs of Marin County, California. They formed the Blindside Blues Band with Scott Johnson (guitar), Jeff Martin (Drums) and Greg Chaisson (Bass). The band released three records with this line-up. The final Shrapnel version of the BBB was Onesko, Mike Varney, Aynsley Dunbar and James Lomenzo.

Mike then worked on other projects such as producing and performing on Cream of the Crop, a tribute to Cream. For this album, he had the opportunity to produce and perform with Pat Travers, Leslie Wet, Tim Bogert, Rick Derringer, Glenn Hughes, Neal Schon and more!

Onesko signed with Comet Records out of Italy and recorded many great albums including Mike Onesko’s Guitar Army, Smokehouse Sessions, Live at the Torrita Blues Festival, Italy and Voodoo Crossing and Gypsy Blood, both Jimi Hendrix tribute records.

Following his time with Comet, Mike spent 11 years on Grooveyard Records releasing seven albums with the Blindside Blues Band and one with Mike Onesko’s Guitar Army.

Mike is now starting a new chapter signing with Cleveland based indie label, Jib Machine Records. His new covers album, Re-Covered, will be released via Jib Machine on October 6, 2017.


Mike Onesko Band
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