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Johnny Mohawk & The Assassins

Formed in the fall of 2004 in Smalltown, Ohio, Johnny Mohawk & The Assassins set about making music that fell under the self-coined category of "drunk" rock. Combining the true roots of punk with elements of 80's metal and 50's gumption, JMA honed a sound pointed squarely at the rocker, punker and drunkard in all of us. With their mission statement in place, one that offered up a "rockin’, high-energy show filled with catchy songs featuring lyrics that’ll piss off the sheltered stuck-ups of this great country we live in," they went on the attack. By the winter of 2005, the line up of Johnny Mohawk (vox), Karaoke Bob (guitar), Gary Piston (bass) and The Chad (drums) went on to play shows throughout the Midwest and found that they seemed to be improving with every gig. Finally, after considerable roadwork, they landed in the studio to make their debut record "Drinking As Always" for Jib Machine Records.

After a self-imposed hiatus, the Assassins are planning to make their triumphant return to the scene this November with their first show in over three years.  We can't wait to have them back!

Johnny Mohawk - Vocals
Karaoke Bob - Guitars & Vocals
Gary Piston - Bass
The Chad – Drums


Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins
Download: $6.99 | CD: $6.66
"Drinking As Always"