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Akarma Records







Jib Machine Records is pleased to be partnering with Italian label/distributor AKARMA Records and its various affiliates.  Under the new agreement, Jib Machine will release various CDs and LPs from the AKARMA and affiliate catalog in the U.S. and AKARMA will handle digital distribution in Europe for select future Jib releases.  

The first release via Jib Machine will be Italian Rapper Chris Wayde’s new CD, Pyramids on September 8, 2017 with psychedelic hard rock band Mouth of Clay’s Darkened Sun double CD/LP (the first ever distributed via Jib) following on September 29, 2017.









Chris Wayde – Pyramids 

(CD Record Hunter – GASC 001; Physically Distributed by Jib Machine Records in the U. S. & beyond)

Born In Los Angeles in 1997 and lived in an artistic environment such as Sharon Stone’s house (Chris’s mother was personal-Chef of the actress) and the father of him multifaceted artist and especially quoted painter of surrealists paintings, colorful, Limit limit; to give you the idea, a bit like the “cartoon” sequences of yellow submarine.

It is not defined, “seen” in a single musical genre but simply a free artist and untied from the rigidity of patterns that become only expressive instruments according to his state of mind, something that has the taste of the roots of the soul using as a tool Modern music such as rap, funky, soul.

Chris Wayde is the happy result of a mixture of cultures; his father is African-American, paternal grandmother, a Cherokee and mother Scarlett, an Italian model.
He hears the call of music from a small time when he learns to play guitar and listens to reggae bands, soul, rock and is fascinated by the rappers that idealizes like the modern storyteller, carrying a message of love but also of rebellion against a society that He’s disumanizzando them.

The desire to sing his message of youthful hope, they the artist through a transformation that emerges from the darkness to make his voice heard. Through a pressure of notes, it is clear, upbeat and safe, combining the wisdom of the ancient Redskins, the suffering of Africans and the feeling towards the old world in a song that enters a harmony with the heart and leads you to reflection without forgetting the Joy of the notes that make a pleasing frame to your songs.

Chris Wayde has taken shape, has many things to say by broadcasting the love that rightfully own the new generations; art, music and poetry blend in to win the darkness and hatred of the world; good luck Chris Wayde, symbol of a new promise.

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Mouth of Clay – Darkened Sun

(Vinyl/CD Record Hunter/Akarma – AK 404/2; Physically Distributed by Jib Machine Records in the U. S. & beyond)

The history between the band, Mouth of Clay, and the music label, Akarma, has been on going for the past twenty years and throughout this period, the project to realize this magnificent work has been jealously guarded by Akarma.

Hawkan, guitarist of the band, and I after all these years have become true friends. Among other tricks of fate, destiny wished that we were to be born the very same month and very same day. Maybe it’s not the case but from our working relationship that has ensued over recent years (Mother’s Hope & Kee Man Hawk), great expectations have evolved.

The first time I heard the demo that Hawkan sent me it was from a live concert. I immediately felt great vibes, so had it not been for the “not so good” quality of the recording, I would not have thought twice about producing this album.

About a year ago, Hawkan sent me studio recordings that Mouth of Clay had recorded between 2000 and 2002. Listening to the songs I was dumbstruck by what I call being one of the finest productions of psychedelic hard rock by Akarma.

Dreamy atmospheres alternate between powerful sounds. This dynamism makes this album up-to-date and refined and to further top it, beyond the charm of this album is the gatefold sleeve, one of the most beautiful that Akarma has ever produced. Thanks to the generosity of my wife, the artist Alessandra Barucchi, which has loaned her artwork from the painting titled “Cellule”.

– Giorgio Mangora, Producer


Chris Wayde
Download: $10.99 | CD: $11.99

Mouth of Clay
Download: $18.99 | CD: $26.99
"Darkened Sun – VINYL"

Mouth of Clay
CD: $19.99
"Darkened Sun – CD"