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Cleveland native and underground rapper 9E$V$ (pronounced Jesus) was born Adonis Redding (aka AD; aka Crock) on April 5,1982.  While struggling through a difficult childhood and adolescence, which included violence, drugs, foster care and gang activity, AD found peace of mind and an expressive outlet through his music.  By the time he reached the age of 20, 9E$V$ had already been stabbed and shot on three separate occasions and due to the loss of his birth mother, he sank deep into street life and earned a criminal record.  

However, as he approached his late 20s, he rededicated his life to music and released the classic street mixtape 9E$V$ vs. the Justice Center, an album that introduced him to JT, Jib Machine’s President and co-founder. 9E$V$ offers his own unique style to Cleveland’s music scene, shining with originality and captivating crowds with his high energy stage presence as he brings back the true grittiness of street rap influenced by the greats such as Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, 2Pac, Ugk, Scarface, Brother Lynch Hung, E-40, Devin The Dude, Tech N9ne and many others.

Jib Machine is proud to issue its first 9E$V$ release, This Ain’t No Movie Mixtape (out 2/19/2016), which features his collaborations with JT from the past few years. However, this album is just a sample of what’s to come as 9E$V$ is currently hard at work on his first full-length Jib Machine album entitled I AM THE WAY. Look for it in the near future…


Download: $3.99 | CD: $5.49
"This Ain’t No Movie Mixtape"