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7th Day Creeps

Formed in October 2004 after an alcohol induced religous experience, the Creeps live by a three point mission statment...keep it loud, keep it catchy and make 'em come back for more! The group uses 1st wave punk rock, 80s metal and adds a splash of sleazy b-grade movie horror imagery to the mix. Their sound has been compared to Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Motorhead, The Ramones and The Clash. The guys received critical acclaim for their 1st self=released disc Does this taste Funny? prompting Jib Machine to sign the band. Since then, the Creeps released their latest CD Meat the Creeps via JMR in October 2010 and their e.p. She's So Goth was the first release via the Jib Machine/Fanatix digital partnership!

Jim Schaidt a.k.a Jimmy the Creep - Guitar/Vox
Gary Marinez a.k.a Cheech - Drums/Vox
Eddie Lee a.k.a Edweirdo - Bass/Vox


7th Day Creeps
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"Meat the Creeps"